Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Why hire a professional wedding photographer anyway? Don't you have an uncle who got a fancy camera as a gift last year? Isn't your cousin taking a high school photography class?

Don't, just don't go that route. Please... hire a professional, if not me (and I would so love to photograph your wedding) please go with a professional and not your uncle or cousin...unless they are actually professionals, then pay them!

But seriously, your wedding day is full of important memories, so many people have come together for this moment and the last thing you should worry about is whether the photographer got it, "did they got that shot!" A professional wedding photographer will get that shot and any other shot you expressed was so important to you days and weeks before it actually happened. Because on your special day, you shouldn't be worrying about anything, that professional has planned for this day as well and will be putting your needs above all the rest! We want you to look your best, feel your best and will capture every sweet moment during your day.

Brides & Grooms, you spend an arm and a leg, maybe even a kidney, for your wedding. Please don't leave all those important details to phone photography and Instagram pics. You want reliable and professional service that will preserve your memories for years to come. You want to look back at your precious photos and remember that wonderful day, not how sloshed your go-to-family-member-designated-photog took so many shoe shots, or the incredible disco filters covering each portrait.

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